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Math Investigations

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NCTM Math Strands
Numbers and Operations
Number Sense, Operations, Decimals, Fractions
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  • Algebra
    Patterns, Sorting, and Mathematical Models
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  • Geometry
    2-D Shapes, 3-D Shapes, and Spatial Relationships
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  • Measurement
    Length, Volume, Weight, Perimeter, Area, and Time
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  • Data Analysis and Probability
    Collecting, Organizing, and Representing Information
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    Number Sense Teaching Ideas and Math Worksheets

    Lots of Place Value Information - Links to place value guides, base ten cut outs, online interactive tools, and more.

    Easy Place Value - Ones and Tens - Links to over 20 printable worksheets to review tens and ones.

    Place Value - Ones, Tens, Hundreds - Fill in the printable blank charts to review hundreds, tens, and ones.

    Place Value through Thousands - 21 pages of lesson plans and printables for teaching place value through the thousands. Good place value game included.

    Place Value of a given digit - 11 printable worksheets on which students give the value of an underlined digit.

    Visual Fractions Online - Students type in the numbers on a fraction. Then the fraction is shown visually using a picture of a pie.

    Printable Fraction Set - Print a set of fractions for each student. Includes four rectangles: whole, halves, fourths, and eighths.

    Printable Bar Fraction Set - Print a set of bar fractions for each student. Includes whole, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/8, and 1/10.

    Eating Fraction Pizza Printable - Students cut out pepperoni and mushrooms to cover fractional parts of pizzas.

    Fraction Identification Riddle - Students solve a riddle by correctly identifying several fractions.

    Comparing Whole Numbers to 999,999 - This is an online activity for students. They compare two numbers and choose <, >, or =.

    Comparing Fractions with Like Denominators - Printable worksheet of 20 problems. Students write < or > in the circle between the fractions.

    Roman Numerals - Printable tables and 30 worksheets to practice Roman numerals.

    3rd and 4th grade activities for Number Sense - Online activities and printable worksheets for number sense, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

    Math Activities for the book The Doorbell Rang - Lesson plans and three worksheets to practice skills such as problem solving and division.

    Skip Counting - Printable worksheet that allows students to practice skip counting the numbers 1-10.

    Candy Math Worksheet - Use M&Ms or other candies to review estimation, grouping, addition, and graphing. Can be used with the book More M&M Math.

    Numeracy Teaching Ideas - Dozens of numeracy teaching ideas submitted by teachers all over the world. (Teaching Ideas)